UTD160 will be at Premier Resort Sani Pass on Thursday 26th April from 14h00 to 18h00.

UTD100 / GCU62 will be at Premier Resort Sani Pass on Friday 27th April from 14h00 to 18h00.

SDR30 will be at Castleburn Farm on Saturday 28th April from 12h00 to 14h30.


UTD160 will be at Premier Resort Sani Pass at 18h15 on Thursday 26th April.

UTD100 / GCU62 will be at Premier Resort Sani Pass at 18h15 on Friday 27th April.

SDR30 will be at Castleburn Farm at 15h00 on Saturday 28th April.


UTD160 starts at Sani Mountain Lodge at the top of Sani Pass at 12h00 on Friday. A shuttle is included in your entry fee and shuttles will depart from Premier Resort Sani Pass at 9am sharp on Friday morning. Self-drives to the Top are permitted. UTD160 finishes at Bushman’s Nek Hotel together with UTD100, GCU62 and SDR30.

UTD100 starts at the SA Border Post @ 05h00 on the Sani Pass Road. A shuttle to the start from the Premier Resort Sani Pass is included in your entry fee but self-drives to the start are permitted.

GCU62 starts at the Premier Resort Sani Pass @ 06h30 and SDR30 starts at Castleburn Farm @ 15h30. All 3 races finish at the Bushman’s Nek Hotel.


We will be providing a service to move your car from either Premier Resort Sani Pass or Castleburn Farm to the finish at Bushman’s Nek.

The cost of the car shuttle service will be R150 per vehicle and all proceeds go to Faithway College in Himeville.

If you are interested in booking a car shuttle please email us at to request the service. Payment will be due at registration.


It is recommended that UTD160 runners book accommodation at or near Premier Resort Sani Pass for the night of the 26th of April and that UTD100 / GCU62 runners book accommodation at or near Premier Resort Sani Pass for the night of the 27th of April. The villages of Himeville and Underberg are also options as they are 15 and 20 min away.

For SDR30 runners it would be practical to book at Drak Gardens Hotel for the night of the 27th or at one of the many options in the nearby vicinity. For Saturday the 28th it is recommended that runners from all 3 events book at the Bushman’s Nek Hotel or at an alternative in the surrounding area.

You can find accommodation suggestions on the accommodation page.


There will be limited tented village accommodation available at Silverstreams (Bushman’s Nek) for Saturday 28th. Runners who have already entered will be given first option on this accommodation after which it will be offered subject to availability.

You can find more details of the tented villages on the accommodation page.


Seconding is permitted at UTD160. Details of seconding points will be published at a later date.

Seconding will be permitted at CP2, 3, 5 and 6 for UTD100 and at CP1, 3 and 4 for the GCU62. No personal seconding will be permitted for the SDR30.


All events are spectator friendly and supporters will be able to see and support the runners at the following locations:

UTD160 – There are a number of spectator points for UTD160 both in Lesotho and South Africa. Details of these areas will be published at a later date.

UTD100 – CP1, 2, 3, 5 and 6

GCU62 – CP1, 3 and 4

SDR30 – CP1.

The Castleburn Check Point which is at 130km for UTD160, 70km for UTD100, 32km for GCU62 and the Start of SDR30 will be a mini race village with music, food and beverages and form a real hub for spectators and supporters of all 3 events.

We will be providing a ‘Supporters Pack’ to all runners with information to assist your friends and families who wish to follow / second you during your event.


Weather in April can range from sub-zero at night to the low twenties during the day. Although it is the start of the dry period it is not uncommon to have rain and even snow at this time of year. The Drakensberg can be a harsh and unforgiving climate and the recommended/compulsory kit lists will reflect this.


Due to the variable and potentially dangerous weather experienced in the Drakensberg the Compulsory Kit list is taken very seriously by the Organisers. Compulsory Kit will be checked and photographed at REGISTRATION (not at the race start) as well as the Finish. A missing item will result in a 30 min time penalty and more than one missing item will result in disqualification.

The lists for each event can be found on their respective Race Information page.


A GPS is compulsory for UTD160 but is only recommended for UTD100, GCU62 and SDR30. A GPX file of the route for the event you have entered will be made available.


UTD160 has 10 water tables. More details to follow.

UTD100 has 6 water tables. These will be stocked with a variety of liquids and nutrition with an emphasis placed on tables 5 and 6 in terms of nutrition.

GCU62 has 4 water tables with a similar emphasis on nutrition at tables 3 and 4 and SDR30 has 1 water table.

There are also multiple natural water sources on the course. The combination of water tables and naturally available water will allow runners to travel relatively light and fast which combines well with the runnable nature of the trail itself.


UTD160 runners will require passport to enter Lesotho and runners from some countries will also require a visa. This is a simple process and can be completed online at Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg will supply the necessary letter of invitation where required.

The responsibility lies with the entrant to establish whether a visa is required and to obtain one timeously.

Although UTD100 runners will pass through the SA Border Post no passports will be required as special dispensation has been obtained.